Interesting jQuery Bookmarks

Some very interesting jQuery additions…

A fairly random trail of interesting jQuery bookmarks.

jqFancyTransitions slideshow – fancy effect

jQuery 1.4 API Cheat Sheet – nice cheat sheet

jQuery Grid Layouts – haven’t used this, but I think it is cool.

jQuery Hot Keys – might need to target key combos with JavaScript?

File Style Plugin – for styling those pesky file upload elements

Flot Charts – pure JavaScript charting library that will work on iPhone – check out google’s charts too.

Fun with Easing – interesting demo of easing equations / animations.

Fancy Box – I love the elastic effect on this plugin.

ColorBox – robust light box.

jQuery Curvy Corners – use this or dd_roundies to get jQuery UI rounded corners working in IE6

Mark It Up – one of my favorite WYSWYG editors on jQuery, I also love WYMEDITOR

jQuery Sparklines – itty bitty charting committee

jQuery Feed Menu – useful for allowing people to access multiple feeds

Cross Slide – check out the Ken Burns effect in JavaScript.

Flip – for flipping elements like the OSX dashboard widgets effect

jQuery and Google Maps – 2009’s most popular tutorial on this website, I spent over 20 hours on this one

File Upload – multiple file upload with jQuery.

Upload Progress Bar (without Flash) – interesting way to make file upload progress bars without flash.

Upload and Crop

Data Visualization – libraries that are interesting for displaying data

jQuery and QUnit – tutorial for getting started with testing with QUnit

Interactive Selector Tester – demo selectors on the fly.. and another live selector demo.

Thank to: Marc Grabanski

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