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php5.6, php7 on ubuntu14 via phpbrew

Installation procedure for php5.6 (officel release) and php7 (alpha) on Ubuntu 14.04, via phpbrew package.

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Install PHP 5.4 as standalone

PHP 5.4 is not packaged on most Linux distributions so it may be easiest to install it from source. On Debian-based Linux systems, you can use the following commands to install PHP 5.4 in such a way that it won’t … Continue reading

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PHP sada ima ugrađeni veb server

Dočekali smo i PHP verziju 5.4.0. New features in PHP Improvements in memory management and performance. Traits – A new mechanism for code reuse. It reduces the limitations of single inheritance. Shortened Array syntax. Now use […] instead of array(…) … Continue reading

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PostgreSQL function call model for PHP

This article describes a simple class that can be used to call PostgreSQL functions. Using the class has a number of advantages: PostgreSQL functions can be called like they are PHP method functions with no special syntax. The statements are … Continue reading

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