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Fixing postfix and saslauthd: cannot connect to saslauthd

If you are having issues getting postfix email server to authenticate with saslauthd, your solution might be found in a missing symlink. Remember that postifx runs in a chroot environment.

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PHP list() and Shorthand for Array Destructuring

PHP construct list() or its shorthand can be useful in many cases. It can be very useful to use it with PHP functions that returns arrays. Supun Kavinda have interesting article about.

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25+ JavaScript Shorthand Coding Techniques

This really is a must read for any JavaScript developer. Michael Wanyoike, Sam Deering have written this guide to shorthand JavaScript coding techniques that they have picked up over the years. To help you understand what is going on, they have included the longhand versions to give some coding perspective.
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XenServer problem sa zaglavljenom mašinom

U novoj verziji XenServer-a (7.x) može se desiti da dođe do problema sa kernelom na nekim virtualnim mašinama.

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Otkriveni propusti u Intelovim čipovima i čipovima drugih proizvođača

Ozbiljni sigurnosni propusti na računarskim procesorima Intela i drugih proizvođača čipova mogli bi da omoguće zloupotrebe lozinki i drugih osetljivih podataka iz memorije sistema, saopštili su stručnjaci tehnološke kompanije Gugl.

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JS simple autocomplete – najprostiji način

AJAX autocomplete formiran pomoću HTML5 datalist taga

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Let’s Encrypt – open source SSL – enkripcija za DŽ

Internet prezentacije postaju sve više interaktivnije. Nekada su to bile fiksne strane, informativnog karaktera, sada sajtovi traže više akcija od strane korisnika. Neminovnost je da korisničke podatke treba zaštitii, a jedan od načina je upotreba SSL sertifikata.

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php5.6, php7 on ubuntu14 via phpbrew

Installation procedure for php5.6 (officel release) and php7 (alpha) on Ubuntu 14.04, via phpbrew package.

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Ubuntu 14.04 – ProFTPd stop unexpectly

Here’s a workaround solution thanks to The problem is due to ProFTPD not stopping in time to be restarted.

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Scanning for malware with Linux Malware Detect (LMD)

Linux Malware Detect (LMD), also known as Maldet, is a malware scanner for Linux released under the GNU GPLv2 license. It is particularly effective for the detection of php backdoors, darkmailers and many other malicious files that can be uploaded … Continue reading

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