Ubuntu 14.04 – ProFTPd stop unexpectly

Here’s a workaround solution thanks to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/proftpd-dfsg/+bug

The problem is due to ProFTPD not stopping in time to be restarted.

The workaround is to edit the service file, to add a retry.


Find this line (inside “signal” procedure):

start-stop-daemon --stop --signal $SIGNAL --quiet --pidfile "$PIDFILE"

Change to this:

start-stop-daemon --stop --signal $SIGNAL --retry 1 --quiet --pidfile "$PIDFILE"

This change solved it for me. Suggestions for improvements are most welcome.

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  1. install & renew certificate

    ssh-keygen -m PEM -f /etc/proftpd/ssh_host_rsa_key -N ” -t rsa -b 2048
    ssh-keygen -m PEM -f /etc/proftpd/ssh_host_dsa_key -N ” -t dsa -b 1024
    ssh-keygen -m PEM -f /etc/proftpd/ssh_host_ecdsa_key -N ” -t ecdsa -b 521

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