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Ubuntu 14.04 – ProFTPd stop unexpectly

Here’s a workaround solution thanks to The problem is due to ProFTPD not stopping in time to be restarted.

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Scanning for malware with Linux Malware Detect (LMD)

Linux Malware Detect (LMD), also known as Maldet, is a malware scanner for Linux released under the GNU GPLv2 license. It is particularly effective for the detection of php backdoors, darkmailers and many other malicious files that can be uploaded … Continue reading

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HowTo: Save A File In Vim / Vi Without Root Permission

This happens lot of times. I login as a normal user and start to edit httpd.conf or lighttpd.conf or named.conf in vim / vi text editor. However, I’m not able to save changes due to permission issue (all config files … Continue reading

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Otvoreno protestno pismo zbog pravne i političke torture

Komunalni inspektor je, nakon odluka Opštinskog veća i Skupštine opštine, doneo zabranu Aleksandru Gvozdenu na upotrebu imena opštine Aleksinac u nazivu sajta i internaconalnom domenu. Nisam imao nameru da se oglašavam ovim povodom. Pre svega, jer ne želim da se … Continue reading

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JS validacija, jednostavan način

Postoje 2 načina za validaciju formi na osnovu mesta izvršenja validacije. Jedna je obavezna server-side validacija (php, asp, java), a druga je na klijentskoj strani i za to se uglavnom koristi Java Script. Kažem uglavnom, jer moderni browser-i imaju ugrađene validatore.

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Apache 2.4 modifikacije

Nedavno su distribuije Linux-a ugradile i novu verziju Apache servera.

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Install PHP 5.4 as standalone

PHP 5.4 is not packaged on most Linux distributions so it may be easiest to install it from source. On Debian-based Linux systems, you can use the following commands to install PHP 5.4 in such a way that it won’t … Continue reading

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How To Install nginx on Ubuntu / Virtualmin

Nginx is a lightweight webserver that supports most of the functionality of Apache, but is faster and uses less memory. It is suited to websites that have a large amount of static content, or virtual machines with limited memory. For … Continue reading

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Create swap partition on Ubuntu

To create a swap partition after an Ubuntu installation create an empty partition that should have no holes.

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Installing Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on a XenServer VM

The following steps can be taken to install Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on a VM running on XenServer 6.

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